Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Digital Entrepreneurship Competencies among Students: Methodological Aspects of the Maturity Level and Development Program Making

Author(s): Nurlan Kurmanov, Zhyldyz Aliyeva, Gulmira Kabdullina, Lyailya Mutaliyeva

The article highlights the methodological aspects of determining the maturity level of digital entrepreneurship competencies among students. The authors offer an approach to developing digital entrepreneurship competencies model in the form of an ordered list of four groups: entrepreneurial competencies; digital competencies; communication, interpersonal and intercultural interaction; self-development and security competencies. The authors have tested the method on a focus group of students of Nur-Sultan universities. The authors have developed a matrix of digital entrepreneurship competencies ranking, which allows the prioritization of the competencies to develop according to the criteria of importance and problematicity. The authors have determined criteria for the selection of student training methods (number of students, practice orientation, the level of expertise of trainees, the level of learning motivation and cognitive activity, the pace of academic work, material difficulty level), and has summed up the most common methods on highlighted criteria. The authors have formed the scheme of development for the student development program as a set of training methods focused on overcoming the revealed gaps of competencies. The authors have offered an algorithm of a training method selection on the basis of delivering desired results with the maximum possible coverage of trainees and the training material difficulty level.