Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Effect of Sharia Compliance, Governance, and Social Responsibility on Business Sustainability: Mediating Role of Business Growth

Author(s): Muhammad Yusuf, Arisson Hendry, Sri Mulyono, Kumiko Azizah, Subandi Subandi, Netti Natarida Marpaung, Dewi Cahyani Pangestuti, Rachmaniar Myrianda Dwiputri, Karnawi Kamar and Endri Endri

The research was done by testing the influence of variable business sustainability with business growth as intervening from Shariah compliance, governance, and social responsibility on the USPPS and KSPPS. Methods of data analysis used was Shem (Structural Equation Modeling) with Lisrel 8.80 data analysis tool. Variable Shariah compliance, corporate governance, social responsibility and good business growth partially or simultaneous effect significantly to sustainability efforts. Partially, the governance of the reflected by the dimensions of the influential independent positive and most dominant against the growth of the business. Partially, the Sharia compliance is reflected from the spiritual coaching with dimensions include DPS provide an indication of the influence is dominant in sustainability efforts. Responsibility that is reflected by this type of activity social Baitul Mal give positive impact and significantly to sustainability efforts. Partially, the reflected business growth of the dimensions of operational services turns out to be the most dominant in influencing the sustainability efforts of cooperatives. Business growth is the full intervening variables on influence of Shariah compliance, governance, and social responsibility a positive and significant effect against the sustainability of the cooperative.

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