Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Empirical investigation of perceptions of economic, medical and legal experts on the effects of covid-19 in Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Amuda, Y. J., Hassan, S., & Chikhaoui, E.

The outbreak of COVID-19 or otherwise known as coronavirus disease as a global pandemic remains very challenging at the international level. China, Spain and United States have been trying to address different dimensions especially legal, socio-economic and medical impacts of COVID-19. There is insufficient academic research exploring legal, socio-economic and medical impacts of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia in spite of its richness in terms of human and material resources. The research primarily aims at investigating legal, socio-economic and medical impacts of COVID-19 in order to solve the current problem and provide a framework for curtailing its spread especially in various cities in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, quantitative method was employed in this research. On one hand, convenient sampling was used to select 113 respondents among the experts in legal, business and healthcare disciplines to respond to the instrument (questionnaire) of the study. The results demonstrated that, the respondents strongly perceived that COVID-19 have negative impact on socio-economic and medical aspects but it has positive impact on legal discipline because, it provided avenue for multi-jurisdiction legal team in using their knowledge and experience in addressing legal related issues with COVID-19 especially in employment laws in Saudi Arabia. It is therefore be recommended that, there is need for putting resources together towards addressing the challenges of legal, socio-economic and medical impacts of COVID-19 outbreak. The novelty and originality of this study manifested from exploring the triadic factors of economic, legal and medical experts as contrary to previous studies that investigated the variables independently. The research will provide policy direction to the stakeholders in addressing the challenges of COVID-19 holistically in order to provide long-lasting solutions of legal, socio-economic and medical welfares in order to cater for the citizens in country.

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