Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Employee Productivity Evaluation With Human Capital Management Strategy the Case of Covid-19 in Indonesia

Author(s): Ahmad Badawi Saluy, Zainal Abidin, Masyhudzulhak Djamil, Novawiguna Kemalasari, Lamminar Hutabarat, Sri Marti Pramudena and Endri Endri

Human capital is a strategic factor in employee productivity during a covid-19 pandemic. The research aims to find out the implementation and evaluation of human capital strategies in increasing employee productivity during a covid-19 pandemic. The variables in the study consisted of individual abilities, individual motivation, and the effectiveness of group work, and employee productivity. Analytical method this research is a qualitative method with the AHP model. Results of this study explain that the level of productivity criteria in the sequence is the efficiency effectiveness criteria, supervision criteria, timeliness criteria, quantity criteria, interpersonal impact criteria, and quality criteria. The order of the most important alternative levels in increasing productivity sequentially is the group effectiveness alternative, the individual ability alternative, and the individual motivation alternative. The overall order of alternative levels in managing employee productivity is the application of corporate values.

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