Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Ensuring food security of EU countries in the context of sustainable development

Author(s): Petrunenko, I., Grabchuk, I., Vlasenko, T., Petrova, E., & Strikha, L.

Formation of a sustainable food system based on a coordinated social and environmental policy is a priority objective of the XXI century. Numerous global challenges and risks have a significant impact on food security, especially in developing countries. This requires systematic improvement of the food security policy of EU member states in the context of sustainable development. The purpose of the research is to assess the effectiveness of EU food security policy in the context of sustainable development in order to form recommendations for its improvement. The research methodology is based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of indicators within the Sustainable Development Goals 2 of United Nation Statistics Database (2020) and Eurostat SDG 2 (2020) in terms of European regions. The concept of sustainability of food security and sustainable development, production-based approach to food security were the basis of the research. The results have revealed that there are inconsistencies between the sustainable development goals in the context of ensuring EU food security, in particular, in such directions as: coherence with migration policy, which increases inequality and problems of access to food for the population; limited domestic resources of EU countries (land for the development of organic production) to ensure the quality and safety of food (Ireland, Denmark, Germany and Finland); lack of effect of state funding of the agricultural sector’s research and development in case of excessive allocation of funds to the industry; over-regulation of the development of technologies towards ensuring the growth of production due to the bias of the population about the potential risks. The theoretical significance of the study is to identify a new relationship between the concepts of food security, sustainable development and migration policy.

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