Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Entrepreneurship and Financing in Islamic Educational Institution of Darul Ulum Banyuanyar Pamekasan

Author(s): Moh. Wardi,Ismail Ismail,Zainollah Zainollah,Ismail Suardi Wekke

This research was conducted to find out about the economy and financing of the Darul Ulum Banyuanyar Islamic Boarding School, economic benefits and contributions and funding for institutions, students and alumni. The method used in this study is qualitative research with a type of phenomenological research. Data collection techniques used were interviews with businesses, students and alumni, as well as observations on several business unit activities and related documentation for the focus of the study. This study concluded that the economy and activities in Darul Ulum were: Nuri Drinking Water, Syari'ah Nuri Cooperative, Ice Factory, Shop, Kitchen Cooperative or Public Kitchen, and barber shop. Economic contributions and funding for educational institutions, support the operational needs of institutions and school independence. Contributions to students as a vehicle for learning, foster attitudes, enthusiasm and mentality. Contributions to alumni are as a means of gathering and network expansion. Implications and impacts of economic activities and financing in Darul Ulum Islamic boarding schools and to fulfill infrastructure facilities and operational needs of institutions, financial stability, sustainability and financial independence.

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