Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Entrepreneurship Education Programs: The Contribution of Courses, Seminars and Competitions to Entrepreneurial Activity Decision and to Entrepreneurial Spirit and Mindset of Young People in Greece

Author(s): Georgios D. Papagiannis

Unemployment, as well as the significant increase of its rates, particularly amongst young people, constitutes one of the greatest problems. As it concerns Greece, the recent financial crisis and the problems of its economy along with the way of coping them-austerity measures-contributed to the extremely significant increase of unemployment rates. On the other hand, the new financial and working environment in process, demands from young people new skills and competences. According to the European frame of basic skills, Entrepreneurship is recognized as one of them. Besides, emphasis is given to the significance of education in the development of this skill without omitting mentality involvement. The current financial situation in Greece constitutes a significant factor in the necessity of researching the role of entrepreneurship education. Specifically, the research of its role in facing unemployment and in the development of a healthy and viable entrepreneurship. The purpose of this article is to study entrepreneurship education programs. Likewise, is an attempt of listing issues concerning the entrepreneurial field and entrepreneurship education. Participants in research, the answers of which are reflected in the questionnaire, are students and graduates who have attended an educational program for entrepreneurship and in particular a lesson, seminar or competition entrepreneurship. Through this research is examined the contribution of courses, seminars and competitions to the entrepreneurial activity decision and to entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of young people in Greece. Thus, the opinions of young people who have attended equivalent programs about entrepreneurship are recorded. Moreover, an effort is made to examine the relation in between the above programs and factors connected to the decision of entrepreneurial activity, as well as their contribution to the estimated feasibility, desirability and possibility of young people in acting in entrepreneurship.