Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Examination of the Influence of Tourism on Energy Consumption and the Environment- A Case of Thailand

Author(s): Thitinant Wareewanich, Thitinan Chankoson

 Purpose: The purpose of the current research was to determine the influence of tourism on energy consumption and the environment in the context of Thailand.

Research Design: The findings of the study are based on the ARDL developed that was developed to execute the regression for the time series involving unit-roots (non-stationary). A total of 30 observations have been collected for the current research from the year’s 1989 to 2018 specific to the context of Thailand.

Findings and Limitations: The findings of the study reveal that there is a significant but negative impact of tourism on environment in the long run. However, no significant impact of tourism on energy consumption has been obtained. The findings of the research are specific Thailand and therefore, can be confidently applied to other geographical locations or countries with full confidence. 

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