Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Experience in Implementing Student Business Incubator in Entrepreneurship Education

Author(s): Vladimir B. Zotov, Mariia N. Koniagina, Elena A. Shapkina, Elena A. Pikalova, Diana I. Stepanova

This article studies the problem of the lack of practice-oriented education in entrepreneurial education on the example of developing countries. This happens due to the increasing need to form a middle class and an increase in the number of entrepreneurs, which society cannot cope with. The standard of living of citizens falls everywhere in the world. Unemployment and social tension are rising. The ineffectiveness of methods of engaging citizens in entrepreneurial activity and the growing number of unemployed led to the emergence of such a phenomenon as entrepreneurial education. This type of education became a new form of directional stimulation and justification for the need to study, promote and introduce the practice of practice-oriented education. Therefore, the aim of the article is to develop proposals to stimulate this important for developing countries type of education, based on a quantitative experience analysis of introducing practice-oriented education in entrepreneurial education in developing countries. Furthermore, determining the immediate prospects for implementing practice-oriented learning experience is essential.

The authors of the article have explored the development of entrepreneurial education in developing countries as an effective way to solve social problems by means of motivation. In particular, the article deals with the problem of the lack of practice-oriented education in business education on the example of developing countries. At the present stage of development of universities, the development and adaptation of training courses, including practical training, shows the program of entrepreneurial education to be of particular importance. The experience of the student business incubator at the university is summarized. The project and educational components of the structure of student business incubators are defined.

Successful work was noted to share both educational and business activities. The group of indicators were proposed to assess the effectiveness of their activities on the basis of regular monitoring.

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