Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Experiential Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching: A Case of Collaboration Between Entrepreneuship And Media Production

Author(s): Gulnara Z. Karimova, Raina M. Rutti

Innovative teaching methodologies are widely used in institutions of higher education to increase students’ motivation and enhance learning outcomes. Interdisciplinary and experiential teaching are two of the innovative teaching formats. The interdisciplinary approach to education amalgamates two or more disciplines while experiential education provides opportunity to enact and apply theoretical concepts into practice. This study demonstrates how the combination of these two teaching methods can significantly enrich the educational experience of students. Using the example of Entrepreneurship and Print and Online Media Production courses, this paper illustrates how two faculty members can work together exposing students to the dynamic processes of the ‘real’ business world and complexity of business relations and communication.