Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Exploring Entrepreneurial Orientation Among Higher Education Students in Greater Jakarta Indonesia.

Author(s): Banu Rinaldi, Randy Hadipoespito, Dewi and Maria Grace Herlina

Entrepreneurship is a vital component of success in today's increasingly dynamic business environments. While entrepreneurial orientation described as an organization's attitudes and beliefs, it is also a method of education that enables students to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge that enhances comprehension and fosters a positive mental image of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial education usually prepares students with the requisite skills to succeed as entrepreneurs. This study aims to compare entrepreneurial experience among university students who obtain it and those who do not. The Rash Model Approach analyses the results, including the validity and reliability tests of the research instrument. The findings suggest that university students who obtain entrepreneurial experiences have a greater propensity for entrepreneurship. This study bolsters the claim that university education informed by students' entrepreneurial experiences will stimulate entrepreneurship growth in Indonesia.

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