Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Health and Occupational Safety in the Government Health Sector in Ma'an Governorate for the Year 2019

Author(s): Bassam Alemami

The study aimed to identify the extent of the commitment of the public directorates and centers of health affairs in Ma'an Governorate, and their role in applying and providing rules and regulations for health and occupational safety, from the administrators’ viewpoint and their relationship to some demographic variables for the year 2019. The study population consisted of all administrators in the government health sector of Ma'an governorate for the year 2019, with a total of 60 individuals. The researcher used the descriptive-analytical method that depends on studying the real existed phenomenon, then described accurately and states it qualitatively or quantitatively. The study questionnaire tool. Consisted of 40 statements, including health and occupational safety regulations, and the answer for each paragraph was graded according to five-point Likert scale. The data were analysed using the statistical product and service solutions (SPSS) and IBM software implementing the following statistical methods: iterations, arithmetic mean and standard deviation to describe study variables. In addition, different analysis tests such as the (One way ANOVA) were used in case of significant differences between the averages of more than two groups and related to the dependent variable. Finally, the (Alpha -Cronbach coefficient) was used to estimate the reliability of the study. The study showed the moderate application of the regulations for health and occupational safety in the government health sector as the most significant result. From another corner, there is no effect for the application of the regulations for health and occupational safety according to years of experience, educational level, job title, and gender. Research recommendations to senior managers and policy makers include: follow-up, evaluation and analysing the work environment; monitoring the safety and occupational health application procedures and efficient and effective measurement.

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