Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


HRM Practices and Organizational Resources as Predictors of Collective Organizational Engagement: Mediating Role of Team Work Engagement

Author(s): Haider Ali Malik, Ghazala Haider, Anam Bhatti, Ahtisham Zahid Kamal, Shahzore Khan

The objective of current study is to find out the effect of Resources on Collective Organizational Engagement with the mediating role of Teamwork Engagement. Collective engagement at work is very crucial for the firm performance. It enhances the effectiveness of the work. Collective Organizational Engagement creates shared perception among the employees and they focus towards the goals of the organization. In recent years emphasis on the collective organizational level engagement has been amplified but not much work done on it. Since the conception of engagement concept, individual remains the focus in existing plethora of research so far, recent research on Collective engagement address the organizational perspective and doesn’t consider team or group level current study will fill this gap (Barrick et al., 2015). The research is conducted in the service sector of Pakistan and specifically data was gathered from the Bank employees in Punjab, Pakistan. Current study will enrich the academic literature and will be beneficial for the mangers as well. Firstly it will contribute in literature by presenting the novel relationship of Teamwork Engagement as mediator between Resources and Collective Organizational Engagement. Secondly it will address the mangers how they can get competitive edge and ultimately firm performance by Collective organizational Engagement. When employees have become collectively engaged towards the goals of organization they over look their individual motives. By the mean of this collective approach organization produces outstanding services and the organizational performance increases. Researcher state seven hypotheses to test the significance of the model. All hypothesis were proved significant except one.

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