Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Impact of Corporate Governance On the Quality and Credibility of Accounting Information in the Financial Statements in the Commercial Banks of Jordan

Author(s): Faris Irshaid Al Karabsheh

The spread of administrative and financial corruption, which is known to many companies and banks, as well as the financial crises that affected almost every aspect of the economy in various countries around the world and whose consequences continue to this day, have sparked a surge in interest in corporate governance. As well as significant skepticism regarding the purpose of many major worldwide corporations pursuing mergers and acquisitions. Accounting took into account all of the aforesaid factors. Corporate governance has been used in several studies and research. Some accounting and financial innovations and procedures to cover its shortfall or to reassure stakeholders of its stability and continuation are required. This group of corporations, in collusion with audit firms, withheld and falsified information about their operational financial and investment performance, resulting in harm to elderly investors, financial markets, and state economies as a result, this study attempts to elucidate the influence of corporate governance on the accuracy of accounting information in financial reports. In order for it to become a reality discuss corporate governance's goals and principles. Lastly, we will discuss how it improves the quality of accounting information. These findings suggest that corporate governance's fundamental goal should be to reestablish confidence in accounting information and control over it through accountability and control. Improve the quality of this information by establishing and enforcing accounting and auditing standards, as well as by enhancing the roles of the external and internal auditor and audit committees

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