Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Impact of CSR Practices on Customers Attitude towards Business an Empirical Study

Author(s): Hussam Ali, Alhareth Abu Hussein, Mufleh Amin Al Jarrah, Younes Abed Al Aziz Megdadi, Anas A. Salameh

 Corporate Social Responsibility, abbreviated as CSR is impactful in businesses. The customer’s loyalty and attitude towards the brands is being influenced by the CSR initiatives taken by different firms. These initiatives are likely to impress the customers and build trust for the brands produced by the companies. The stakeholders always seek the best for themselves in the companies they have invested. The CSR activities showcases values withheld by the companies (Ogunfoworaet al., 2018). Henceforth, producing goodwill and sustainable growth. People are now inclined towards safeguarding the environment. Thus, enterprises need to take a closer look at these aspects of growth. The CSR programs undoubtedly enhances customer satisfaction and influences their purchasing behavior. Individuals prefer brands which have the reputation of serving best to their customers without hampering the nature in the process. The additional CSR projects gives an edge over other businesses who do not participate in such social activities (Barnettet al., 2020). Therefore, the main objective of this paper is to explore the factors that determine how CSR practices forms the attitude of the customers towards an organization. In the present study the data was collected from 212 respondents that belong to different CSR departments and the statistical tool called multiple regression was applied to reach to end results. The study concludes that there are different CSR practices that show significant impact on consumer’s attitude towards business.

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