Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Impact of standard cost workers on control of cost elements

Author(s): Ali Karim Musleh

The aim of the research is to highlight the standard cost system and its contribution to providing the necessary information for the practice of senior management of the planning and control functions of the cost elements properly, as well as to determine the extent to which Iraqi industrial companies use standard costs in planning and control of their products, and to achieve the goal of research, the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries, one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, has been selected because it is operating and has qualified technical staff of engineers as well as implementing many From contracts with various ministries and providing them with high efficiency products, among the most prominent products converted distribution different capacities, a price offer has been analyzed in a tender for the order to operate 1500 units of a converted product distribution different capacities for the Ministry of Electricity, the research has reached a set of results the most important: the results of deviation in the standard system are low and low in the circumstances of inflation and do not give the real cost of deviation such as the adoption of the historical cost of raw materials entering production and the adoption of historical cost When fixed assets are lost, some fundamental deviations do not attract the attention and control of management, as does the standard cost system on cost (reverse or feedback control), which often comes late and wastes the opportunity for management to make a timely corrective decision.

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