Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Implementation of the principles of sustainable development of territorial communities: Decision making

Author(s): Ksonzhyk, I., Taran, Y., Monastyrskyi, G., Vasina, A., Sytnytska, O., & Belei, S.

The globalization of social production and the aggravation of the problems of poverty and the ecological state of the natural environment require coordination of national governments’ efforts in implementing the principles of the concept of sustainable development as a further evolutionary development of the human community. The purpose of the research is to investigate modern patterns in the implementation of the principles of sustainable development concept of territorial communities of European countries and to substantiate the model of effective achievement of certain goals of sustainable development. The theoretical aspects of the sustainable development concept of territorial communities have been analyzed, and as a result, the basic and formative aspect of the trinity of economic, social, and environmental components through innovation and energy technologies has been highlighted. The viability of the implementation of sustainable development concept at the level of the territorial community has been mathematically proved. The model of comprehensive coverage of territorial communities of countries’ territories in sustainable social-economic development through modern points of growth, technopolises, has been characterized. Groups of countries have been selected according to the dynamics of the introduction of sustainable growth of territorial communities there. The empirical results of the research can be used to study trends and develop tools and methods for implementing the concept of sustainable growth in government regulation of evolutionary changes in society.

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