Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Improving and Increasing the Attractiveness of Investment in Developing Countries: A Study on the Aqaba Special Economic Zone in Jordan

Author(s): Salam Nawaf Almomani, khaled Alrawashdeh, Issa Mahmoud Altarawneh & Hussam Althnaibat

This study aimed to analyze the main and necessary aspects in the process of attracting investment in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone by providing ways to increase this attractiveness. The importance of the study is due to finding new financing resources, with the exception of the budget, to carry out large-scale national tasks in addition to the implementation of some large infrastructure projects. It is known that the process of attracting private capital in the face of the changing global investment scene has become a major priority for national governments, as it is necessary to move away from investment protectionism towards protecting and encouraging investment, which allowed the use of some theoretical research methods (analysis, synthesis, generalization and historical method) And empiricism (comparison and measurement) of the authors by finding some of the main economic determinants and components of the national investment climate that help in the process of attracting foreign capital; Determine the basic procedures for investment policies; Forming trends in global flows of foreign direct investment. Accordingly, the authors have proposed a set of basic principles and some basic and necessary criteria that are used to build investment policies necessary for sustainable development. The researchers also shed light on some of the modern models used in the new investment policies. This includes the following: A contemporary model used for the purposes of stimulating development in addition to several types of priority economic activities. A model for stimulating the technological level in national industries. A model for developing new complex descriptive industries.

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