Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Improving educational curriculum quality: a digital transformation model for labor market readiness using soft system methodology (SSM)

Author(s): Brdesee, H.

The labor market demands students to be prepared for efficient and effective work in this competitive world. To meet this requirement of the labor market, universities worldwide aim to provide study programs and plans that change rapidly according to the variations observed in the labor market. Universities should implement innovative systems that foster the development of competitive study plans and programs. In fact, these systems will enable college staff and students to develop and enhance the programs and study plans. This research paper adopts the theory of soft system methodology (SSM) to investigate and develop an electronic system that approves and manages the study programs and study plans within a university. The newly developed electronic system will be considered a pillar of the electronic services provided by KAU University. It is believed that the newly developed e-service will mechanize the procedures of selecting, analyzing, changing, and transferring study plans and programs, which will directly assist students in seeking reliable, quick, and high-quality services. The results of the study state that electronic services allow students to obtain the quality knowledge necessary for their employment. It also enables students to complete their education safely. It is, thus, able to resolve issues related to the curriculum and course development system at the university, which still follows the procedure of traditional paperwork. The newly developed electronic system or e-service can be employed in universities worldwide to ensure the quality and speed of the study plans and programs, eventually approving them in a unified work process.

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