International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Influence of Total Quality Management Factors on the Organizational Performance and Moderation of Organizational Support in Dubai Police

Author(s): Nasser Yousuf Mohammad Fakhar & Badariah Haji Din

Based on the advancement in the Dubai police and need for continuous improvement is all managerial facets, this study is exploring the influences from different total quality management factors on the organizational performance besides to examination of the organizational support moderation interact in Dubai police in the UAE. The proposed models have seven factors of TQM practices, which are the antecedents of organizational performance as the main dependent variable. Management support is added as a moderator and will be tested in the overall relationship from the TQM practices and organizational performance. The actual sample of this research is 388 police officers, which was collected from different police stations and department in Emirate of Dubai. The target or study population chosen for this research is the total number of police officers in all levels and all departments at the Dubai police. Overall, direct relationships for the seven predictors of total quality management practices are significant; the precedence for the relations based on the path coefficient value are benchmarking (0.727), information and analysis (0.692), continuous improvement (0.689), HRM (0.557), management leadership (0.458), strategic planning (0.293), and service design (0.255). For the moderating relationships of management support, it has no significant change in the path coefficient and the moderating effect is not significant.

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