Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Innovation and challenges in human resource management in the 21st century

Author(s): Julaluck Punthung, Kittachet Krivart

 The 21st century is the era of free trade where technology and innovation play an important role in the working world. Especially in the part of human resource management is a significant structural transition from a labor resource-based economy to a knowledge-based, technology-based economy and innovation. It is a great challenge for the organization to see it as a threat disruption or as an opportunity”. Therefore, to drive towards an innovative organization, it is essential to manage human capital to be able to think analytically, plan, develop creativity with universal potential to create maximum value and be ready for the influx of people for the flow of change that will take place. The human resource department is an important front line that must be proactive in recognizing the presence of HR Innovation and upgrading to HR Tech or Digital HR in 4 main dimensions: (1). Innovative Recruitment & Selection. (2) Innovative Training & Development. (3) Innovative Compensation & Employee Relation. (4) Innovative Human Resource Information System: HRIS. To prepare personnel who can competently compete professionally to meet the needs of working for the organization. In particular, the contributing factors to this success include Innovative Leadership, Design of innovative human resource management practices; HR practices. Values ??????that support the creation of an innovative culture in the organization; Values. 

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