Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Integration of Vocational School and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Learning An Effort of Elevating Entrepreneurship Spirit Based On Strength and Weakness In East Java

Author(s): Agung Winarno,Trisetia Wijijayanti,Yuli Agustina,Madziatul Churiyah,Andi Basuki

This  paper  is  intended  to  carry  out  regarding  to  the  lack  of  students’  entrepreneurship interest  in  Vocational  School and  the  fact  that  Small  and  Medium  Enterprises(SMEs)  also  has some limitations, hence this research is attempting to combine those two factors so it results to a model  of  integrated  entrepreneurship  study.  This  model  of  entrepreneurship  study  integrated with  SMEsneed  to  be  implemented  in  higher  school  or  vocational  school  in  order  to  civilize entrepreneurship  spirit  to  students  that  later  can  elevate  their  interest  in entrepreneurship  and improve the quantity and quality of SMEs. Moreover, through entrepreneurship education which is  integrated  directly  with  SMEs,  it  is  expected  that  students  and  society  will  have  knowledge, skill and attitude of entrepreneurship so that they can create job vacancy in the future, either for themselves or even can recruit labor from the society. Therefore, the emerge of entrepreneurship education model integrated with local SMEswill affect to the emerge of new entrepreneurs who have tough skill, knowledge and soft skill as well as being able to compete in this globalization era.  Thus,  this  research  aims  to  discover  and  shape  a  model  to  cultivate  entrepreneurship education  values  integrated  between  Vocational  School  and  local  SMEsin  East  Java.  Besides, the  purpose  of  this  research  is  to  build  good  synergy  between  SMEspeople with  Vocational School  community  in  terms  of  product  competition  or  other  entrepreneurship  skills. This  is  a development  research  with  an  approach  of  Mix  Methodand  it  belongs  to  descriptive  research. The  respondents  of  this  research  were  students  of  Vocational  School  and  SMEsin  Malang, Probolinggo,  Madura,  Blitar  and  Jember.  The  result  of  this  study  is  an  established  integrated model   which   produces   entrepreneurship   cooperation   with   written   agreement   including marketing,   product,   financial   system,   production,   Human   Resources,   management   and sustainable training center.

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