Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Interstate Forms of Regional Entrepreneurship in the Conditions of Digitalization of the Economy

Author(s): Evgeniy P. Kochetkov, Ruslan A. Abramov and Maxim S. Sokolov

Aim of the study: After all, the growth of investment, as a determining factor of economic development and maintaining stable production dynamics, should be due to the interest of domestic producers in introducing innovations and actively updating fixed assets, despite increasing competition in the domestic market and taking into account the WTO membership and focus on European integration. This will help strengthen the role of the investment and innovation model of development and increase the competitiveness of industrial enterprises by implementing progressive institutional and structural changes and deepening the European integration of the economy. Methodology: Building the capacity of industrial enterprises can strengthen the strengths of the economy, providing favorable opportunities for the state to make an economic breakthrough. In particular, the strengths for increasing business activity of enterprises of the domestic industrial complex are characterized by: the capacious potential of the domestic market, the possibility of resuming positive GDP dynamics, a low state budget deficit, the establishment of commodity export diversification, increasing price competitiveness, the possibility of activating investment activities, gradual recovery and increase in industrial production, the growing role of industrial sectors in the formation of the revenue part of the State budget, social security of the population, strengthening the national security of the country. Conclusion: This is due to the internal factors of the business environment industrial SPD: substantial scientific support (industry centred almost a fifth of professionals who perform about a quarter of the total volume of scientific and scientific-technical works in the country); availability of scientific and production achievements of world level: aerospace technology, aircraft construction, welding; high educational and professional level of workers; the presence of a significant layer of intellectual capital; a strong mineral resource base and an extensive production structure by type of industrial activity.

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