Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Investigating Critical Obstacles to Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies: A Comparative Study Between Males and Females in Qatar

Author(s): Ahmed Mehrez

Qatar’s Entrepreneurship sector faces major obstacles that impede its growth prospects. While  Qatar  has  started  to  focus  more  on  improvement  of  the  entrepreneurial  environment through   semi-governmentalagencies   and   creation   of   economic   free   zones,   the   overall environment  is  still  riddled  with  numerous  problems  that  hinder  the  achievement  of  this  goal.Emergence  of  private  sector  as  a  main  force  behind  Qatar’s  economic  growth  will  depend heavily on country’s ability to catalyze positive change in this area.The  main  objective  of  this paper  is  to  explore  the  main  obstacles  face  Entrepreneurship  sector  in  Qataras  an  emerging economyand  to  find  out  if  any  differences  could  be  found  between  males  and  females  in assessing  these  obstacles.Amixed  approach  is  followed  starting  with  aqualitative studyto determine  obstacles  followed  by  a  quantitative  examination  of  differences  between  males  and females.Interviewswith  different  entrepreneurship  stakeholders  reveal  four  main  obstacles facing Qatari entrepreneurs. These obstacles include: bureaucratic requirements, limited access to funding, restrictive and biased legal conditions, and social constraints.Statistical results show that there is no difference between males and females in assessing these obstacles and that both genders face nearly the same barriers.

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