Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Key Constraints for MBA Students to Become Entrepreneur, An Empirical Analysis of Jamshoro and Hyderabad Business Schools

Author(s): Amanullah Parhyar, Waqar Ahmed Sethar, Muhibullah, Ahmed Raza Hafeez and Muhammad Shoiab Khan Pathan

This study aims to investigate the constraints and hurdles being faced by MBA students to become an entrepreneur. The target population of this study includes Jamshoro and Hyderabad Business schools. The selection of samples (targets) especially focuses on MBA (Master of Business Administration) final year students. The study includes the sample of 182 MBA students of Jamshoro and Hyderabad business schools which includes five leading universities namely MUISTD, MUET, Sindh University IBA Jamshoro, Isra University Hyderabad, SZABIST Hyderabad, and HIAST Hyderabad. For this study, a quantitative approach is used to collect the data. The research was conducted by collecting the primary data through structure-based variables. The collected data was analyzed through SPSS, with the help of cross-tabulation, bar charts, and pie charts. The questionnaire consists of different variables to know the interest and hurdles faced by MBA students to become an entrepreneur. This research lead to some important recommendations which can build the interest of MBA students in making decision regarding being entrepreneur or doing for job which includes the role of universities, government steps and support to entrepreneurship, Bank loans and incubation centers at the workplace. Further, it is identified that 62.45% of the respondents are willing to do business and consider their career choice as an entrepreneur. While on the other side only 37.55% of the respondents are willing to do jobs. So, it is identified that MBA students do have interest to become entrepreneurs but due to some constraints, overall 60% of the MBA students respond that the major constraint for starting their own business is initial investment, 46.07% respondent said that lack of practical knowledge and experience is a major constraint and 31.32% of students said family resistance is key constraint. Therefore, due to these constraints MBA students change their career decision.

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