Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Made in Saudi products: towards diversification of Saudi Arabian economy as a panacea for human development

Author(s): Amuda, Y. J.

The Ministry of Economy and Planning has been championing economic transformation of Saudi Arabia which began when modern Kingdom was established in 1932. Several economic plans had been initiated in the country and most previous studies focused on Saudi’s economic plans covering 45 years where many aspects like oil, conglomerates, industrials, financials, consumer services etc. were covered. There is a problem of over-dependence on the importation of expensive foreign products and little focus is given to the non-oil sectors especially initiation some local products such as exotic and non-exotic cars, electronics, motorbikes, cloth materials, military, or security equipment. That will attract global economy through the activities of private sectors that will start entrepreneurial activities in the country. The primary objective of this paper is to explore a large scale of economic diversification towards initiation of Saudi made products to foster human empowerment to attain Saudi Arabian vision 2030. Questionnaire will be used as instrument for data collection. Validity and reliability of the research instrument will be established. The findings anticipate that, initiation of various local industries and companies that will champion Saudi made products will certainly address the importation of expensive foreign products. Initiating industries and companies on Saudi made products such as exotic and non-exotic cars, cloth materials, electronics, telecommunications, motorbikes, military or security equipment and many others. Suggestions are suggested to improve the Saudi Arabia made products. Lastly, the youths should demonstrate seriousness, commitment, and self-esteem towards promoting the agenda of Saudization as well as to achieve the country’s vision 2030 through human empowerment.

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