Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Model of Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational School on Agribusiness Study Programme

Author(s): Lili Marliyah, Sugiyo, Masrukhi, Rusdarti

Vocational education is emerging as challenge right now due to the low level of relevance between education and quality of graduate workforce. This research aims at describing and analyzing model of plan, implementation, and supervision of entrepreneurship education on agribusiness study programme in Vocational School (SMK). The research approach is qualitative with type of research expost facto, and uses purposive sampling technique with technique of analysis interactive model data. The result of research shows that model of learning plan, implementation, and evaluation still uses semi-modern conventional pedagogy that has not been effective in developing students’ entrepreneurship soft skills ability and there has not been integration among entrepreneurship soft skills proponents (headmaster, entrepreneurship lesson teachers, and other lesson teachers). CBT is emerging as formative theory that can be used in vocational learning and can prepare expected competence that depends on dispositions (values, concerns and manner) that moves into maturity. In accordance, integrated entrepreneurship education development is needed that depends on soft skills and Competence Based Training (CBT) then it can improve graduate quality in creating student entrepreneurship soul on the level of personal maturity, student competence attainment, reduction on workforce needs gap, reduction on unemployment rate, and improvement on numbers of entrepreneurs who become the power of national economy.

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