Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Modern Trends in Estimation System of Training Achievements Quality of College Undergraduates

Author(s): Tatyana Y Medvedeva, Olga A Sizova, Rimma A Ulyanova, Svetlana M Markova, Albina A Karpukova, Galina A Kazantseva

This article describes the problem of overcoming the crisis of the traditional evaluation system in education. It identifies priorities in the development of assessing students’ practical readiness for solving professional problems. Problems are set, the goals of the development of modern community, of the society as a whole. Priority inquiries of the labor market have been identified. There is a shortage of young professionals capable of self-fulfillment in the context of a qualitatively different arrangement of living space. The necessity of transforming the assessment model of students’ achievements is determined. The possibilities of applying innovative methods and means of evaluation are highlighted. The theoretical approaches in the sphere of the evaluating system of the students’ achievements in higher education are generalized. The fundamental preconditions for the development of new effective forms of assessment means and its inclusion into the professional training process are revealed. Ways of improving and control implementing in the teaching process are presented based on the research analysis in the field of development of assessment means. Those ways are designed to assess objectively the level of students` achievements. The experience of implementing assessment means in the process of preparing students-musicians is described on the example of the module "Musical-Performing Training"

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