Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Organisational Educational Systems and Intelligence Business Systems in Entrepreneurship Education

Author(s): Anna Komarova, Lyudmila Tsvetkova, Svetlana Kozlovskaya, Nikolay Pronkin

This article presents problems of application of the corporate Information systems and discloses the need for teaching the corresponding application techniques within the framework of entrepreneurship education. Based on the analysis of insurance companies, this study finds ways to evaluate the level of information systems development within the enterprise. To accomplish the evaluation, we have analysed the factors, which influence upon the corporate Information systems. The results were obtained on the basis of assessments of nine (9) expert specialists, who have analysed 5 insurance companies. We have assessed the following factors: level of the innovation potential of an enterprise; degree of utilisation of the business analysis instruments at the enterprise; level of interconnections between the corporate information systems and business analysis; the needs of the corporate Information systems in the course of utilisation of the business analysis instruments. Analysis has shown that practically all groups are characterized by the worst values, except for the "Finances" group, within which intensity of utilisation of these technologies is at the moderate level. As the result, we have revealed those business instruments, which are important for an enterprise and which have high significance and efficiency values. Education should be founded on these techniques and instruments. The studies, which we have performed, have shown practical significance of the proposed methodology for assessment and utilisation of the information technologies (IT) by insurance companies, as well as for elaboration of plans of future development of these companies. The framework offered here will benefit the entrepreneurship students, as the theoretical information within it and the research findings may be applied to design and implement an education program.