Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Practical Aspects of Student Volunteer Work During the Covid-19 Pandemic As A Means of Developing Entrepreneurial Activity

Author(s): Anastasia D. Arefyeva

Aim of the study: Volunteer movements as a response to the coronavirus pandemic have sprung up around the world. People provide psychological assistance for free, deliver and manually create personal protective equipment for doctors who are now in urgent need, bring medicines and food to the elderly, take animals whose owners are ill for overexposure. Russia did not stand aside. For example, several dozen online chat rooms have already been created in Moscow, where volunteers have gathered to help doctors, elderly people and anyone who is in a difficult situation due to the spread of the coronavirus. Many of them are already actively providing assistance Methodology: To help the authorities and people came volunteers involved in the most popular areas. As a rule, this is targeted assistance in the delivery of food and medicine to socially vulnerable citizens in need, participation in conducting RAID and preventive measures together with the Ministry of internal Affairs, explanatory work with the population about the existing restrictions, volunteering in quarantine centers, during disinfection, and sewing masks. Conclusion: As it happens, the coronavirus pandemic has become an effective promoter of volunteerism as a movement. And many people do this at the call of the soul, without asking for gratitude. And not because they want to please someone in power, put a check mark on their resume. This is a good trend, which is now evident in the country, which, according to sociologists, is in the group of States with an insufficient level of development of volunteer activities.

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