Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Prediction 2030 human resource model for developing professional accountants abilities of small and medium enterprises in the lower central region, Thailand

Author(s): Dissorn, A., & Suwanbamrung, P.

This study explored the influence of strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) for developing professional accountant’s abilities on STEP Skills. It can be used in prediction 2030 human resource model of small and medium enterprises applied to The Lower Central Region Policy Analysis: Creativity Industry Village (CIV), in the Lower Central Region, Thailand, This study evaluates Delphi consensus data can provides perceived creativity and innovation for future ready: prediction 2030 model of accountancy careers in the 2030, offering sustained competitive advantage of the STEP skills relevant, (creativity and innovation skills). The result suggest that STEP skills and create value of the six smart zones of future career opportunity in accountant skills and ethics-after COVID-19. Relevantly, STEP skills are defined as the ability to adapt effectively to prediction 2030 Human Resource mode specification has highly relevant professional accountants abilities to succeed in Agro-food Tourism Business (AFTB), applied to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Therefore, the most efficient had been widely and analyzed to accountants core skills, transforming to six professional quotients to future ready: accountancy careers in the 2030s. Furthermore, the heart of prediction 2030 model in focus AFTB can be defined as underpinning CIV in the Lower Central Region, Thailand.

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