Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Private tahfiz Institution Governance: A Proposed Transformation via Social Entrepreneurship Model

Author(s): Norazmi Anas,Zakiah Samori,Md Yusof Hamid,Shahril Nizam Zulkipli,Mohd Syukri Mohd Noor

Thegovernance  of Private Tahfiz Institutions  (hereinafterreferred  to  as  PTI) in Malaysiahas faced numerous challenges. Poor and insufficient infrastructureand facilities,unstandardized and inappropriate management are amongst the emerging difficulties due to fully  dependent  on  government  supports  and  charitable  endowment(waqf).Accountability issue  in  crowd  fundraisingand  donation,lack  of  financial  resources  are another  demerit associated  with Private Tahfiz Institutions. This paper, therefore,aims to firstlydescribethe concept  of  Social  Entrepreneurship  from  the  Islamic  Perspective  and  its  integration  in  the PTIgovernance to further  embark  theTahfizpreneur  Model.This  study  seeks  to  highlight three key elements in the proposed formationof Tahfizpreneur Model namely:(i) the actual problems  of  PTI(ii) The ITS’s administrators’knowledge on  the  Islamic  Entrepreneurship(iii) Effective  marketing  strategies  on  the  Private  Tahfiz  entrepreneurship  products. These three  essential  elements  need  to  be  collectively  integrated  and  holistically  embraced  to produce Tahfizpreneur Models applicable throughout PTIin Malaysia. Hence,in an attempt to  transform the  existing  governance  of  PTI,  this study  further  suggests  that  this endeavourshould  gain  full  supportand  requires  the  cooperation  from  various authoritative  bodies. Mainly, the Stakeholders Tahfiz in Malaysia through the Department ofIslamic Development Malaysia  (JAKIM),  National  Institute  of  Entrepreneurship  (INSKEN),Higher  Education Institutions  (IPT)  and  State  Islamic  Religious  Council  (MAIN)are  the  core government agencies  whoshould  effectively  joint  effort  and  increasingly  work  together to  achieve  the ultimate  goal  ofthe NationalTahfizEducation  Policy  (DPTN)in  strengthening  Tahfiz Institution in this country

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