Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Reconstruction of Poverty Reduction Strategy Model Based on Community Empowerment Programs

Author(s): Rusni Djafar,Husain Syam,Paiman Raharjo,Juriko Abdussamad,Haedar Akib

The article results of this study explain the activities of assistance, facilitation and promotion as the essence and orientation of poverty alleviation activities, and explain the prototype model of poverty alleviation strategies based on community empowerment programs. The research method used was descriptive-qualitative with a case study approach. Data is collected through observation, interviews, documentation. Data were analyzed descriptivelyqualitatively following the stages of "Interactive Models" which included data collection, data condensation, data verification, conclusion drawing. The results of the study found that the strategy of poverty alleviation based on community empowerment programs carried out through assistance, facilitation and promotion activities was not optimal. To optimize the implementation of the program, a prototype model of the "Ideal" poverty alleviation strategy was implemented based on community empowerment programs through revitalizing the duties, functions and roles of the Pohuwato Regency Poverty Reduction Coordination Team (TKPKD) with stakeholders (government, private, community) in communicating, coordinating, collaborating and cooperating based on the consciousness (5C approach) of the poor to be empowered and independent. Similarly, the activities of assistance, facilitation and promotion are based on the principle of public entrepreneurship in the implementation of community empowerment programs.

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