Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Safety Initiative: Dimensions Development

Author(s): Mazliah Binti Abdul Rahman,Fadzli Shah Bin Abd Aziz

The purpose of this study is to develop the dimensions of safety initiative for accomplishing the job. Based on the previous studies, safety initiatives items of instrument are gathered and analysed. A total of 17 items out of 46 suitable items have been shortlisted and have passed the expertise of experts in occupational safety and health. Using guided questionnaires, the study involved 745 Malaysian paddy farmers from different agencies. Paddy farmers are constantly exposed to various types of hazards during performing jobs at fieldwork. Based on the Occupational Safety Social Security Act 1969, paddy farmers are classified as selfemployed and are only registered with the Department of Agriculture to obtain subsidies provided by the Government. Factor analysis of survey results reveal that there are two factors that explain the underlying dimensions of safety initiative which reflect employees’ attitude and behaviour towards safety at workplace. These two factors are named as safety responsibility and safety alert.

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