Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


Saudi females??? attitudes and buying behavior towards advertising through sports

Author(s): Hamid, M. A. K. A., & Fawzy, S. F.

Sports advertisement has a great impact on consumers’ decisions. Saudi Arabia as an example of a developing country is encouraging the Saudis females to be engaged in different sports fields according to vision 2030 action plan initiatives. The aim of the study is to investigate important factors that influence females’ attitudes towards sports advertisements, since females will contribute to the growth and progress of the country. The study adopted a quantitative approach through self-administered questionnaires that were distributed to Saudi females in fitness clubs/centers and sports events in Riyadh. Data was collected through two stages. In the first stage the researchers employed nonprobability sampling through convenient sampling but due to difficulty and the prolonged time for data collection a second stage of data collection was adopted through snowballing technique. The results showed that annoyance, falsity, good for the economy, hedonism, product information and materialism have no significant impact on females’ attitude towards advertising through sports and did not affect their buying behavior. Social image was the only factor that directly affected females’ attitudes towards advertising through sports. Females were more likely to be exposed to social influence such as: friends, colleagues, family and celebrities while they care more about their social image compared to other factors tested in the study. Based on the findings marketers will be able to design their marketing messages and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

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