Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Snapshot of the Socio Economic Life of Fishermen Community Based On Social Entrepreneurship in Bone Regency, Indonesia

Author(s): Andi Cahaya,Haedar Akib,Farid Said,Mustari,Muh Yahyaddin

This article explains the application of the concept of social entrepreneurship in improving the socio-economic life of fishing communities in Bone Regency. Respondents have selected purposively as many as 80 heads of families, every 40 people in Bulubulu Village and Padatuo Village. Data collection uses observation and questionnaire techniques where the instruments are also used as interview guidelines. The researcher interviewed ten informants, apart from two village heads and the Head of Tonra. The data is presented in the form of a percentage table to be analyzed using descriptive analysis techniques. The research findings are that the socio-economic life of fishing communities in Bone Regency based on the "lived" social entrepreneurial perspective is a manifestation of a sense of moral responsibility, service and "worship" as individual beings, social beings and God's creatures. The principle of living with a fisherman's family is a rational choice, where the work culture is based on the rhythms of nature and the weather, appreciates the message of the ancestors, works while learning from the "signs of nature" in making decisions. Fishermen know the character of the type of fish caught and the season is laying or breeding, so that the decision to go out to sea or "rest" improves equipment at sea, while carrying out "special worship" and "social worship" adjusted to the results of "reading" of natural signs. The Bugis tribe work ethic is built on the principle of "Resopa te’mmangingngi namalomo naletei pammase Dewata" (Hard work accompanied by an attitude of unyielding so that it is easy to get an abundance of God's Grace/Allah). The character of the individual behavior is a snapshot of the socio-economic-cultural-religious life of the fishermen's family which is recognized as an experience and at the same time "community learning" in a sustainable manner.

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