Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


State regulation of the development of educational and scientific process in higher education institutions

Author(s): Bondar, I., Humeniuk, T., Batchenko, L., Horban, Y., & Honchar, L.

The issue of state regulation of the development of the educational and scientific process is considered, the relevance of which is indisputable in the context of strengthening neoliberal approaches to higher education and research. This encourages state institutions of higher education to search for the most acceptable educational model that would promote the training of future professionals for all sectors of the economy and public life, as well as comprehensively combine intellectual, knowledge, technology, traditional, innovative components, taking into account national and global trends. The aim is to study the relationship between models of state regulation of educational and research activities and innovative development of the country in the context of the global and European dimension. Calculated main indicators of activity of higher education institutions of the country, which is characterized by the state-paternalistic model of education, their dynamics are given, interrelations between factors of innovative development are investigated, and the degree of their influence is defined. Innovative rankings of countries with different educational models, in which the best positions are expected for the countries with socio-corporate model of education and low projected level of innovation rating for the state-paternalistic model. The practical value of the research results lies in supplementing the theory of neoliberalism and its impact on the development of educational and scientific process. The empirical results of the present research can be used by governments of developing countries, which are in the process of integrating neoliberalism into the practice of state regulation of higher educational institutions.

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