Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Sustainable Motivation as a Driver of Organizational Resilience on Crisis Period

Author(s): Wided Ragmoun, Meshael Sulaiman S Almoshaigeh

This study aims to explore the link between sustainable motivation and organizational resilience. The main idea of this research is to determine how sustainable motivation can reinforce organizational resilience on different levels especially during the crisis period. We admit that a motivated employee develops some specific competencies and attitudes to overcome unexpected events through agility, robustness, and integrity. A research model was developed based on three main dimensions for each variable. Hypothesis test related to this model was elaborated according to a quantitative approach based on 400 questionnaires administrated to Saudi organizations on health, education, and oil. Findings demonstrate a positive interaction between these variables. Competencies, relatedness, and autonomy assured by employee sustainable motivation contribute to the development and consolidation of organizational resilience appreciated, in this case, by agility, integrity, and robustness. Some synergetic effects were identified through our research model between autonomy and agility as the most important dimensions here. An operational definition of organizational resilience is deduced according to which, this construct is ultimately related to agility as a key factor. Integrity and robustness are interrelated and combined on one dimension as a result of agility. Added to this, our research demonstrates that there is none bidirectional effect between these variables as supported in the literature. Organizational resilience can reinforce sustainable motivation too.