International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Print ISSN: 1099-9264; Online ISSN: 1939-4675)


Sustainable Supply Chain's Effect on Competitive Performance, A Case Study In Al Basrah Oil Company

Author(s): Mohammed Ghanim Ahmed, Alaa Abdulzahra Alag Aldhaher, Baqer Talib Abdulkdhim, Abdullah Mohammed Sadaa

A common belief remains that there is a substantial perception of environmental effect on the organization’s operations. Nevertheless, the relationship between sustainable performance and competitiveness has been relatively minimal in the study. This study explores the impact of adopting sustainability considering this hat on the Basrah-oil sector's competitive performance. An empirical relationship between the features of sustainable supply chains and organizations’ productivity is established in the report. The goal is to develop an analytical model of the supply chain's sustainable characteristics that enhance resource utilization, maximization of benefit and competitiveness in the oil industry. The Basrah-Oil company collected the data collected through questionnaire surveys and collected primary data on sustainability and its effect on organizational efficiency. The findings show that promoting energy savings, rising market share, and enhancing productivity are the most critical sustainability drivers. The results also show that, while the respondent organization’s sustainability strategies differed in nature, they were implemented thoroughly and effectively. Usually, the introduction of sustainability in the oil supply chain contributes to improved economic efficiency and environmental performance, which positively impacts the company's competitiveness. Managers, ecologists, government decision-makers and academics are of particular interest in these studies.

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