Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


Teaching Practices of Secondary School Teachers and Ways of Developing them in Light Of 21st Century Skills: A Mixed-Methods Study

Author(s): Ali Tared Aldossari

The current study aims to investigate the extent to which secondary school teachers in Saudi Arabia practice 21st century skills. To this end, the researcher used both quantitative and qualitative approaches based on triangulation. The quantitative approach was represented by a questionnaire, which included four fields with a total of 31 statements. This was distributed to 181 secondary school supervisors in Saudi Arabia. The qualitative approach was represented by interviews with seven secondary school teachers and the analysis of the performance documents (lesson plans) of eight teachers. To determine the validity and reliability of the results, external validity, internal consistency, referential competence and consensual validation were calculated. The results of the questionnaires indicate that, from supervisors’ perspectives, secondary school teachers practice 21st century skills to a moderate degree in all fields of study. General cognitive pedagogy ranked first, followed by communicative-participatory skills. Technical skills came in third place, and thinking skills ranked last. The results highlighted the importance of practicing 21st century skills in classrooms, though the practice of these skills among teachers was low. The study recommends integrating 21st century skills in teacher preparation and certification programs, training them to focus on them within the classroom.

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