Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


The Bamboo Handicraft Development for Quality Life Improvement of the Youth in Three Broader Provinces, Thailand

Author(s): Pennapa Kueket, Phurichart Promtem, Wiroj Phaiboonvessawa, Manus Suttikan

 This research aims to study the needs of bamboo handicraft occupation of the youth, the transmission of knowledge development in potential enhancing of bamboo handicraft, the prototype development of bamboo handicraft products, and the cost analysis and benefits of bamboo handicraft. The research is qualitative, collected data by interview and participants observation. The keys 33 informants came from the representative of a government agency, the youth caregiver, and the youth of Ban Na Kor, Ayer Weng Sub-district, Batong District, Yala Province. The data was analyzed by interpretation method. The results of the research found that 1) the youth interest in bamboo handicrafts occupation. The inspiration is to work in town, take care of and develop the community, gain more revenue, and have a better life quality. 2) the transmission of knowledge to develop the potential of bamboo handicrafts. The youth need knowledge of bamboo handicrafts as follows; 1) production knowledge, 2) online marketing knowledge, 3) financial management knowledge, 4) accounting knowledge, and 5) knowledge of cost analysis and benefits. The transmission of body knowledge is defined as a "Workshop Training Course under the subject of Business Administration Principles for Community Handicrafts", with 40 hours. 3) the model development of bamboo handicraft products which has designed eight items, namely 1) Yeti glass sleeve, 2) Curved dessert container, 3) Long-shaped dessert container, 4) Square-shaped dessert container, 5) Round dessert container, 6) Storage water cylinder, 7) Lamps, and 8) Bags, and 4) The cost analysis and benefits of bamboo handicraft products found that the average total product cost was 12.39 baht per item. The selling price was set at 25 baht per item, resulting in 12.61 baht, and from the initial investment 3,275 baht, will pay back in a short time. It could be a security occupation for better life quality.

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