Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


The Failure of Entrepreneurship Education of Vocational High School Students and College Students: Perspective of Evaluation Instrument of Learning Results

Author(s): Agung Winarno, Wening Patmi Rahayu, Trisetia Wijijayanti, Yuli Agustina

In order to access the level of business and entrepreneurial literacy as a result of one’s training and learning process, the tool of evaluation needs to be developed to measure the level of success for learning process that has been carried out as well as the input for the next lesson plan. Aim of this research are making an innovative business and entrepreneurial functional literacy evaluation instrument model is carried out by designing and developing a model, so that it can determine the criteria and priorities for the success of the learning process and business and entrepreneurial functional literature training, especially in secondary and higher education. This research is a developmental research which uses a combination of Four D Model and R2D2 Development Models. Moreover, the final sample of this research was students of the State Vocational High School, student of two state universities and students of three different private universities. This research obtained the results which said that the evaluation was carried out in the subjects at school or the entrepreneurship course was not yet able to measure whether students already had basic competence as entrepreneurs or not. The evaluation provided by subject matter or the entrepreneurship courses only focuses on the level of understanding and has no instrument to evaluate the change of attitude. Limitation of this research are the level of education in question is secondary education, namely vocational students and higher education are undergraduate students, Functional Measurement of Business and Entrepreneurship in this research consists of marketing, production, finance, human resources, operations and entrepreneurial spirit, respondents in this research were vocational school students and university students who had taken entrepreneurship courses.