Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


The Foundation of the Development of Coworking Spaces and Entrepreneurship Education in Russia

Author(s): Tatiana K. Rutkauskas, Yevgeniy M. Dorozhkin, Maxim R. Chashchin, Konstantin V. Rutkauskas, Yulia V. Demina

The relevance of this study originates from the need to reveal various foundations of formation and development of coworking spaces in Russia, taking into consideration the accumulated domestic and foreign experience, with further supporting thereon while creating an inter-university youth coworking cluster for practical assimilation of the knowledge of entrepreneurship and provision of more dynamic socio-economic development of the country’s regions. In this connection, this article is aimed at finding the very bases which contribute to emerging and developing of coworking spaces in regions of Russia while using the entrepreneur, innovative and civil potential of the youth with accounting for entrepreneurship education, the mentioned spaces serving as a base for designing and approbating of the project “Park of Entrepreneurs: Free Coworking Space” (also known as PEFCS) on the example of educational entities of the city of Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, The study utilizes general scientific methods, including the systemic analysis, historical method of generalization of the Russian praxis and foreign experience of development of the coworking spaces market andt he marketing approach on the base of a sociological survey of students which, in total with the knowledge obtained as a result training in scope of entrepreneurship, allowed to examine in an integrated way different formats of the modern coworking in dependence on the bases, and to determine trends of coworking spaces development. Based on the analysis of the dynamics of changes in the global innovation index for 10 years in the countries of the world in comparison with the global indicator shows their probabilistic relationship with the growth rate of the number of coworking up to 2022, conducted a network content analysis of the search nature on the problem of the development of coworking spaces, developed and justified the project "PPSKP", presented options for its implementation, expected financial and economic indicators and on the example of Yekaterinburg are scenarios for the development of coworking spaces. The materials of the article can be of use for determination of perspectives of development of coworkings, substantiation of creating of coworking spaces in regions of Russia and realization of the submitted project of the inter-university entrepreneur-focused coworking cluster.

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