Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal (Print ISSN: 1096-3685; Online ISSN: 1528-2635)


The Impact of General Challenges on Human Resource Efficiency via the Internet in Communication Projects / Iraq

Author(s): Adnan Mnati Salih

The research aims to explore how challenges affect current and future jobs, diagnose the competencies that employees must possess using the competency model in maintaining a qualified workforce, and diagnose Internet of Things (IoT) tools solutions that human resource management uses to support its operations. The research included two forms, the first (IoT) the sample (10) individuals (5 individuals for each company), and the second (challenges and efficiency) on a sample of (50) individuals from each communications company (Asia Cell and Zain). SPSS (software) for the purpose of statistical analysis of data, and Levene's F test to assess equality of variance for a variable calculated for two or more groups, and Pearson chi-squared test. Its value is (0.795) and (0.847), respectively, for data collection, and the Spearman coefficient was adopted to perform the analysis of the data and examine the correlations. The results showed that using a robot creates problems for human resources, telecom companies focused on the use of some Internet of Things (IoT) tools and solutions, and that the disincentives to implement Industry 4.0 is the fear of organizational resistance, Identifying competency gaps The research recommends developing onboarding strategies in order to fill in the previously identified gaps, and that the competency model promptly provides appropriate employee training, rethink investments and retains top talent, and engages employees in learning. The serious management's mission is to make employees in Communication understand the inevitability of change by using (IoT) tools solutions, so that Industry 4.0 can be able to cope with technology evolutions.

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