Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


The impact used of block chain technology on improvement of performance quality of economic sectors used it in Jordan

Author(s): Al-Khasawneh, R. O.

The study aimed to demonstrate the impact of the use of blockchain technology in improving financial performance in the Jordanian economic sectors that use it, by studying and analysing the nature and importance of its application in economic sectors and clarifying the role of blockchain technology in reducing cost and achieving operational efficiency, while highlighting the need to use it in economic sectors and Reference to the most important challenges facing business organizations (economic sectors) when using block chain technology.

The researcher used the use of the inductive approach, which is based on collecting information related to blockchain technologies and their impact on the accounting system, and the deductive approach, which is based on the design of a questionnaire that dealt with the research axes in a field study that adopted the (comprehensive survey method) for all companies applying blockchain technology in Jordan. There were 5 companies, and the questionnaires were distributed to the target groups (the company's director and his deputy, financial director and head of the accounting department, internal auditor, and director of the information technology department).

The study concluded that business organizations in the Jordanian economic sectors realize the importance of using the block chain technology in completing transactions, and that the use of block chain technology contributes to reducing the cost of services and speed in completing transactions and thus increasing operational efficiency in the Jordanian economic sectors. There are also cognitive challenges and Technical and legislative faces facing the use of blockchain technology in the completion of transactions and the provision of services.

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