Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


The Influence of General Self-Efficacy on Women Entrepreneurs

Author(s): Yusrinadini Zahirah Yusuff,Maliani Mohamad,Nur Yuhainis Ab Wahab

Presently, women play an important role as changing the global economy being a consumer, worker and entrepreneur. There is a yearly increase in the number of women in workforce where in 2015, women represented 54.1 percent or nearly half of the Malaysian workforce. Thus the Malaysia government through Budget 2015, the government has attempted to enhance the role of women in national development and nurturing of future generations. This study investigated the relationship between General Self-Efficacy (GSE) and business performance among women entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Focus on the impact of GSE as a sufficient and stable, trait-like generality dimensions of self-efficacy on women microentrepreneurs’ business performance. A sample of 184 women micro-entrepreneurs were involved in the survey. Data collected was analysed using Multiple Regression Analysis.  The findings revealed that general self-efficacy had significant correlation and relationship with business performance of women-micro entrepreneurs. The Social Cognitive Theory has supported the finding that general self-efficacy had a significant positive effect on women entrepreneurs’ business performance. The utilisation of general self-efficacy has fill in the scarcity of researches on GSE and contributed to the significance of this study.

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