Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (Print ISSN: 1098-8394; Online ISSN: 1528-2651)


The Modernization Processes of the Service Quality of Entrepreneurial Education of Kazakhstan Universities: Expert Analysis

Author(s): Nursulu Abdramanova, Nursulu Algozhaeva, Husnu Huseyin, Altynai Mambetova

The purpose of the study is a theoretical and expert analysis of the methods for assessing the quality of entrepreneurial education in higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including methods of national ranking systems of universities, the development of bibliometric (scientometric) systems that are important in assessing the activities of educational institutions.

As the methodological basis of the study, the dialectical principles were used. They allowed us to identify the main characteristics of the phenomena and processes in their relationship, to determine the trends of their formation and development. We also used methods of system, structural, functional, and comparative analysis, methods of grouping and expert assessments, questionnaires, socio-pedagogical modelling, and pedagogical design, diagnostics of the quality of education: rating-control, testing, and statistical methods of processing results of the study.

The article presents a theoretical analysis of the methods for assessing the quality of entrepreneurial education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the expert assessment of the need to develop a conceptual model of the accreditation system, which will contribute, on the one hand, the improvement of the national system of quality assessment of education, and on the other hand, confidence in it, its comparability and recognition at the international level.

It is summarized the contribution of the individual European, Russian and Kazakh researchers in the development of an information system of entrepreneurial education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is explained the importance of information for the formation of an effective quality control system of entrepreneurial education in modern universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is identified the importance of the regional aspect of the integration of Kazakhstan higher education into a single European educational space in the field of information control, the quality of teaching in higher education. The expert assessment of the effectiveness of educational institutions, the establishment of subject-subject relations in the assessment process, making an effective incentive mechanism to develop and improve the quality of education is given.

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