Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


The Netflix of Learning: Using Youtube Contents in Teaching Ilqa??? Abqari Public Speaking Model

Author(s): Zulkarnin Zakaria, Myra Aidrin Mohd Ali, Tg Ainul Farha Tg Abdul Rahman, Abdel Rahman Ibrahim Suleiman Islieh, Nur Aisyah Mohamed, Nur Amirash Che Soh

 YouTube is a treasure trove for those who are willing to take the initiative to watch, listen and learn. Choosing the correct channels and resources will take anyone to the right classes and teachers and it only left to the imagination the amount of knowledge ready to be discovered and devoured. This study is designed to discover various issues of online learning using YouTube platform among gifted students and prepare the relevant strategies in managing online learning in a new environment such as YouTube channels. This study employed a qualitative approach and students shared their feedback in the form of reflective journal and verbal feedback. Selected students were interviewed to get deeper insights into their experience in using the YouTube resources and learning many new information and ideas from their various teachers. Based on the feedback, majority of students enjoyed the new social media learning approach and acknowledged the new experiences as engaging and practical as they learned by watching, discussing, and practising the newly found knowledge from the videos they watched. The results have significant impact on students and teachers teaching the Ilqa’ Abqari public speaking subject as the videos were found to be realistic in dealing with various topics and skills in public speaking and thinking. The findings can guide the effective design of the Ilqa’ Abqari public speaking lessons and intervention and appropriate for teachers to adopt and apply it.

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