Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences (Print ISSN: 1524-7252; Online ISSN: 1532-5806)


The Potential and Professionalism Development of Community Enterprises in Thailand for Sustainability

Author(s): Taksaya Sangayotin

  This research aimed to suggest guidelines of potential development of community enterprises in Thailand to the professionalism sustainability with Delphi technique to study Southern border provinces of Thailand. The qualitative data analysis showed the valued chain in Primary Activities consisting of Inbound Logistics with purchasing qualified sources from local area with the control system of material requirement; Operation (Manufacturing) with production from local intelligence knowledge and the standard of products to the global market on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for making an immunity for risk prevention of selling products; Outbound Logistics with providing a market to support, for continuous income with reasonability and fast, high-qualified delivery system; Marketing and Sales with designing of various, qualified products and product development under the product life cycle on the principle of moderation of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy; Service with customer satisfaction survey to develop the next service and did not get advantages from society and environment. For Analyzing the valued chain in Support Activities including Procurement with providing qualified products from local area on economic cost from transportation; Technology Development with online technology to sell and produce products under needs of customers and value creation of products; For Human Resource Management, members must be ready for learning and self-development with growth mindset for work and way of life, using the results of research for work to develop knowledge, build the fair, clear payment system, and persuade to work; Firm Infrastructure with clear organizational chart, equal work load and teamwork to achieve the goal.


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