Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal (Print ISSN: 1087-9595; Online ISSN: 1528-2686)


Transformational Leadership in the Personality, Performance and Commitments of theological High School Organizations.

Author(s): Muner Daliman, Hanna Suparti and David Ming

Based on the abstract that personality has a positive direct effect on organizational commitment, meaning that strengthening personality will have an effect on increasing organizational commitment. This implies that improving the organizational commitment of lecturers requires improvements in personality. The efforts that need to be improved in relation to the personality of the lecturer are: Prioritizing lecturer services as professional staff, Improving the quality of the lecturers themselves in relation to abilities and careers, Improving scientific development, Increasing personality competence.Meanwhile, the next suggestion is that performance has a positive direct effect on organizational commitment. So this will have the implication that to improve the commitment of lecturers to the organization it is necessary to improve the performance of good lecturers. As for the efforts that can be made to improve lecturer performance, there are efforts made to improve lecturer performance: Fair treatment in job services, improvement and increase in wages, attention to the welfare of lecturers, Personality is the characteristics and characteristics that represent the attitude or character of the lecturer, including patterns of thought and feeling, self-concept, temperament, and mentality which are generally in line with general habits in the future. This means that strengthening the personality of the lecturers will have an effect on improving lecturer performance.Efforts that can be made with the personality of the lecturer are: Always improve their competence because a strong personality of the lecturer will improve the performance of good lecturers, Increase lecturers' wages and salaries, Improve training and facilities, Improve education and promotion, Join certification programs for those who have not, Expanding knowledge and skills, Providing awards and punishments, Removing diverse lecturer status.

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